Bristlemouth Technical Docs Are Live!

With the launch this week, we’ve released the first round of Bristlemouth technical documentation. The main site is [here].

Useful Links

  • v1.0.0 of the Bristlemouth Standard Specification, which covers hardware and low level networking interfaces. [here]
  • v0.1.0 of the open source Bristlemouth Protocol, and associated protocol design documentation. [here]
  • Specs and drawings of the Bristlemouth Development Kit. [here]
  • Open source electrical schematics for Sofar’s implementation of a Bristlemouth Mote and Development Board are available in the Downloads section [here].
  • A suite of Bristlemouth Development Kit User Guides are posted [here]

Coming soon

  • v1.0.0 release of the Bristlemouth Protocol
  • Yet more detailed developer guides for the Bristlemouth Development Kit

Commenting on the Wiki

We use notion as a documentation platform. If you create a free notion account and login, you can comment directly in the Bristlemouth Wiki with questions and suggestions.

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A brief update - more documents! (links edited into OP).

  • Open source electrical schematic for Sofar’s first Bristlemouth Mote, and the Bristlemouth Development Board carrier board.
  • First Bristlemouth Development Kit user guides are published.
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Hello all! More dev kit user guides have been released!

BMDK User Guides


  • We’ve added a lot of detain to the Mote Firmware Update Guide, including how to use the swanky new buttons on the AD version of the Bristlemouth Development Board to force the processor into USB bootloader mode.
  • We’ve added an SWD-over-USB-C Guide, which explains how to obtain and use a very nice tool for advanced developers - an adapter that merges SWD signals from an STLink debugger onto USB-C pins. That way you can simultaneously run an SWD debugging session and USB serial console to your Dev Kit Mote over the same USB-C physical connection! :exploding_head: