PAST - 1st (ever) Annual BristleCon 2023 [Nov 9&10, San Francisco CA]

BristleCon is a two day event featuring ocean innovations, speakers, demos, and hands-on training.

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If you have something special you would like to bring for show and tell or present please let me know!

We hope to see you all there!

The livestream will be available here:

Hi, I wasn’t sure how much of the sessions were going to be on the livestream, but it stopped when the morning session went into the “team building” activity. Unless I lost it someplace (along with my mind) which does happen. :slight_smile:

Will tomorrow’s sessions be livestreamed as well? Enjoying the talks today.

Hi there @noah , day 2 wasn’t streamed or recorded as we were doing some hands-on workshops and there wasn’t much for an observer.

The rest of Day 1 was uploaded here: BristleCon Livestream 2023

See ya!

Sorry it wasn’t clear for the remote folks. We stopped / started a few times (as we didn’t want to broadcast lunch :slight_smile: ) but we have uploaded a lot here:
BristleCon Livestream 2023