Bristlemouth + Smart Mooring Dev Kit Specs

Hello there!

Starting at the end of this month, Sofar will be making and selling dev kits for integrating all manner of things with the Spotter + Smart Mooring system.

Simply put, you can use the Spotter + Smart Mooring to power your device and enable two-way telemetry to a custom or off-the-shelf payload. Data can be stored on the Spotter or sent over Iridium or 4G and via the Sofar API.

The dev kit provides an encloser and the interface to the Bristlemouth system so you don’t even need a Bristlemouth compatible device. Please check out the specs here (under dev kit specs).

If you are interested in talking more about the dev kit please reach out. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in this category!

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Any info on sizelimit of data that can be sent out via 4G in one chunk?

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That’s a really good question!

@zachary do you know of a “chunk” limit for the raw hex data we can trigger in a telemetered message? This might be the bottleneck rather than the total size that the LTE pipeline can handle.


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It really depends on precisely how you’re sending data, but I’m guessing you’re probably running code on a devkit and calling spotter_tx_data defined here: bm_protocol/src/lib/middleware/bm_network.cpp at 2e16815881231ccbc76ba6cdfd6d0c1a3a0666bc · bristlemouth/bm_protocol · GitHub

If so, then the main bottleneck is the 2KB buffer between the bridge and spotter. After you leave room for a little framing overhead, we think up to 2039 bytes should be ok.


Props to @vsowa12 for actually finding the answer. :raised_hands: I’m just the messenger. :smile:

on another side project maybe in late 2024 AngelSharks will be pre-processing some of our larger data like video using a Fog AI mesh network locally using computer vision trained on our AI at and then transported back to ports by vessels passing by with our FOG to DTN code created a fork last June on github GitHub - ADD12/fog-over-dtn: Proof-of-Concept of an MQTT based telemetry system with disruption tolerance