DFU update from spotter error

I am following the Dev Kit Guide: Integrating an RS232 Serial Sensor, and trying to flash the bm_mote_v0.5-serial_payload_guide-dbg.elf.dfu.bin from the Spotter SD card to the Mote.

I am using the command bridge dfu bm_mote_v0.5-serial_payload_guide-dbg.elf.dfu.bin 0xd04855c6fd0c083d 12000 force .

Unfortunately it always fails like this:

Sending 62464:1024
ACK F400
Sending 63488:1024
ACK F800
Sending 64512:1024
Node d04855c6fd0c083d update timed out
Transitioning to state: error
Update finished: d04855c6fd0c083d success: 0 err:ffffffff
Error updating -1
Transitioning to state: idle
Transfer not in progress. Ignoring ACK/NACK

What does this mean? I can’t see this in the troubleshooting document.
There is no information on the Bristlemouth devkit serial console.

Thank you

The most informative error in the console output is “Node d04855c6fd0c083d update timed out”. The timeout you’re passing in your command is only 12 seconds. I’d recommend trying again with a timeout of 5 minutes, which would be 300000 ms in the command.

Thank you, silly me!

No worries at all — hope it helped! Even with more reasonable timeouts, I’ve encountered this issue many times. It’s great to have this written where others can find it in the future.

Yep, I just copied the 12000 from the example guides without realising what it meant. Perhaps worth updating them or adding this to the troubleshooting doc so that others know!

For sure, would definitely want to change that. I can’t find it in a quick attempt — do you know which guide you copied it from? I’ll create a tracking ticket internally to add to the troubleshooting doc.

Flashing is covered in Guide 3: https://bristlemouth.notion.site/Bristlemouth-Dev-Kit-Guide-3-Exploring-Bristlemouth-Features-f08a56dc01ac47d889a4eacb9f4904f8. Also worth mentioning it in the firmware update guide https://bristlemouth.notion.site/Guide-Bristlemouth-Mote-Firmware-Updates-aa1df989f2be4a4da9fd8a45e67c2f20#92a4375919854adcb074b079747a93db.

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