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We are having difficulties with updating the mote firmware. This is from Guide: Bristlemouth Mote Firmware Updates as a part of Guide 5. We are on step one of “Updating from a Mote” : 1. Use the python script at bm_protocol/tools/scripts/dfu/ to load the image into the source node’s Flash over USB serial connection, like:

`python /tools/scripts/dfu/ --image <path to image> --port <serial port>`

We input this with our port information and path to image but we keep getting these two error notifications:

We weren’t able to find any similar problems in forums, have you seen this before? what should we do?

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I should also say we did not change anything in between the different error messages.

Hi @AlexaF! Welcome, and I’m sorry you’re having trouble.

One small thing I notice is that in your image path screen shot, the file suffix is .elf.bin. The suffix should be .elf.dfu.bin. It’s important to choose the correct file.

Another thing that occurs to me is that for this method to work, you need 2 separate dev kits. You have to load the firmware onto the source node’s flash storage in the step you’re describing, and then you need to issue a separate command to perform the update of a second, separate target node over the Bristlemouth network.

That’s the meaning of the warning right under the “Updating from a mote” heading:

:warning: Note: as of Bristlemouth 0.1.3, Bristlemouth updates where the target node is the source node are not supported.

If you do have 2 motes, then please continue! If you only have one, then for now I would recommend a different method: “Updates over USB DFU”.

Good luck! Let us know how it works out.

Sorry we didn’t respond earlier… It worked! It was definitely a LOT easier to use, thank you so much for your direction.

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