Keep using v0.5.0 codebase, or try using v0.9.1?

On Jan 20th @evan wrote:

You can use the most recent release, but you’ll need to update your Bridge and main Spotter firmware for Spotter compatibility as well. This is the next guide we’ll be releasing - eta 2 weeks (cc @zack_j @timjoh). If you want to test comms with the Spotter before then, I’d suggest sticking to 0.5.0 then updating to the latest when that guide + binaries are available. If you’ll be focusing on Mote integration and don’t need to test Spotter comms yet, I’d suggest developing on the latest bm_protocol released version (0.9.1).

I think I’m going to need to dive back into mote firmware revisions soon, so I’m wondering if I should keep using the v0.5.0 codebase as we discussed in January, or if there is any new guidance for integrating with v0.9.1 (or later) as you hinted might be in the works.

Mike J+

Hey @mike_j, great question.

That guide has not yet been released. It’s still in the documentation backlog, and firmware updates and compatibility across Spotter and Bridge versions are pretty complicated topics. We’ve got some work in progress internally, but there’s definitely work still to do.

Please continue using v0.5.0 for the moment. We will be sure to broadly announce on the forum when the guide about updates and compatibility is ready.