Welcoming @noah as a new member of the Bristlemouth Pioneer Program

Please join us in congratulating @noah of Diatomic LLC! We look forward to learning more about your project.

Hi Everyone,

We are really looking forward to working with the Bristlemouth system to prototype low-cost, scalable solutions for early detection of harmful algal blooms. We are in the earliest stages of development and being part of the Bristlemouth Pioneer program means we’ll be able to prototype and test solutions more quickly, focusing on our areas of core competency and getting to a field-testable device faster. We hope to both learn from and with this incredible community and combine our efforts to bring more visibility to the complex aquatic ecosystems we depend on. Ultimately we hope that using Bristlemouth can shorten our development time and contribute to increased standardization of components and systems in the ocean monitoring space.

Can’t wait to get started!
Diatomic Devices


This is such an impactful project! We can’t wait to see your updates.