Welcoming @pimbon as a new member of the Bristlemouth Pioneer Program

Please join us in congratulating @pimbon of California Academy of Sciences! We look forward to learning more about your project.

Thank you for accepting me into the Bristlemouth Pioneer program. I am very eager to evaluate the Bristlemouth standard for the use in future ocean hardware projects in my lab (https://www.reefscapegenomics.com/). At the moment, we are interested in building a next iteration of an underwater webcam - but would love to see how we can integrate this with a Spotter Buoy for power & to regularly send stills back to shore. Looks like I should have a chat with @NickRaymomd, looking at his exciting project!


@pimbon I was just going to say you should talk to @NickRaymomd but I see you’re already on it! I’m also happy to nerd out about engineering concepts with you if you like. Welcome to the BM community!

@pimbon welcome to the forum. Thanks for sharing the link to your Reefscape Genomics project, very impressive.

How would you be using a camera mounted to the smart mooring, and what are your target depths for observation?

Happy to collaborate and chat more. I’m always interested to learn how others are building and testing underwater hardware.