Bristlemouth Connector 3d model

Not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but here we go.

We are modelling up some concept sensors and was wondering if you have any 3D models of the connectors/bulkheads available?


Further to @AndreH , do you have a 3D model for the Empty Smart Mooring Node?

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Hey there folks. Great topic! For the short term you can find some of the drawings needed on the Spec

I will tag in @estackpole and @evan to see if we can provide some CAD models somehow.

Related: what do you think about OnShape verus GitHub versus other platforms for sharing 3d CAD?


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@AndreH and @HendrikJvR - happy to help you find what you need. Echoing @zack_j , is there a 3D CAD format that would be ideal for you? That’s something that may be worth posting in a public repository at some point anyway, so I’ll look into what we need to get sorted to do that. I’m excited to learn more about what you’re working on!

… Also, I dig your user icons!


Thank you Gents!

Mechanical CAD is not one of my strengths, so will leave it to the experts to give their input. I’m a Linux guy, so use FreeCAD for doing small electronic component models and such.

I have used OnShape and it’s a fantastic platform and perhaps a good choice for making the models available to anyone right in your browser. I believe OnShape allows exporting to most of the standards to use in other packages?

@estackpole We usually work with STEP files to and from external sources. That would be the easiest for us. Thanks!

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Hi @estackpole and @zack_j

What we are trying to do is figure out if we can fit our sensor into an empty mooring node.

We’ve looked at the Sofar Temperature sensor as well as the RBR translator and it looks promising.


So we want to model up one of these and see what we have to work with.

If we can fit a mote in there we can prototype in no time, else we’ll roll our own.


Agreed. STEP is standard for sending files back and forth as it is readable by most or all CAD platforms. I would also post the native CAD format for whatever it was made in since it should be easy to share that as well.

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Hey @AndreH

I’ve checked with the team and it looks like it may be another few weeks before we can prepare the official 3D files for these parts to be hosted formally. In the meantime, here are some general geometries for the Bristlemouth Socket, Mote, and Mote Enclosure that you can use. Please note that the Mote Enclosure file is an older version designed around a previous Mote, and the geometries may get tweaked a bit in the next design. All that being said, hopefully this is enough for you to start making approximate designs around. Please let me know if there are other parts you need 3D files for or if there’s any other information I can help provide. I’m stoked you guys are already starting to design around this stuff!


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Awesome, thank you @estackpole!

One other model that would be very useful is an empty node, so that we can check probe clearances etc, but the mote enclosure is a great start.

You can actually fit a lot more into that volume than I expected, so that’s great news.

Much appreciated!

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thanks! got the files open to view in a 3D viewer online with will use with our Autodesk software soon to create a Digital Twin for our Angel Sharks work in Marine restoration.