Bulkhead penetrator thread dimensions

I am designing a larger endcap and need to incorporate your penetrators, but am unsure what the thread dimensions are and what clearance I need.

Hey there, thanks for posting this here. I’ve talked to some of the engineers at Sofar with the following advice:

  • The through hole should be 16.5mm OD which should allow for easy clearance of the M16x1 threaded part.
  • The o-ring is a face seal on the flat mating surface so no counterbore is recommended. If the through-hole is 16.5mm then the o-ring will have proper space for engagement on the flat surface of the endcap.

Does this make sense?


I’ve added a diagram for how the o-ring should sit on your endcap

Notice it’s a clean through hole and not threaded with a clearance of 0.5mm diameter.