Configuring Spotter to receive (Rx) data from api

Hello all!

I am curious if anyone has thought of, or tried receiving data from the Sofar back-end rather than transmitting. In the code there seems to only be a Transmit (Tx) topic. This inquiry is mostly just for proof of concept, so I would love to hear your insights and methods used to make it happen. Thanks!

We’ll see if we can get some help answering this one. I’m interested in hearing what you might be wanting to do with this @andrew_f … what will this let you guys do you think?


Hello Zack, I appreciate the prompt response. One use-case I can think of could be for a specialized application, where there are different modes of operation, and in order to change modes would depend on the value of one of the sensors. We could send data remotely to the spotter through the api that changes the value of one of these sensors, thus changing the mode. Or this can even be done with an enumeration instead of a sensor, the general idea is to be able to affect the state of the Spotter/Dev-kit by remotely sending data to it via the Sofar-api.

Hi @andrew_f

This is an interesting concept. It reminds me how Spotter has its own modes of operation for wave sampling (Waves:Standard, Waves:Partition…) and how those are configured by operating the Spotter dashboard (which then sends messages to the Spotter to switch modes).

I wonder if the sensor could potentially communicate with the Spotter directly over the Bristlemouth bus, without having to go over telemetry?

Currently there is no documented API for asking our backend to transmit a message to a Spotter. There may be an API for specialized use cases for asking the Spotter to switch between the different Waves sampling modes mentioned above.

An Iridium Spotter must send a message before it will receive one – there is essentially not an instant ‘push’ mechanism. Cellular works a little differently.

Let us know when you have some more specifics and perhaps more options will open up.