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Hi Bristlemouth team, this is Aadu up at the University of Washington School of Oceanography. I’m going to be helping teach a few ocean tech classes this upcoming school year and would love to get my hands on a dev kit. I think I signed up for the early access, but I was wondering when you’ll start notifying people/sending them out?



Hey @fiestapinguino! Great question. Some folks are on vacation at the moment — you can expect an answer early next week. Cheers!

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Aadu! What’s up?

What sort of things are you going to be working on at UW? I’d love to team up.

Regarding the dev kits, I’m not 100% certain we know when announcements will be made. The program officially kicks off this week and I believe there is a selection process prior to acceptances. Until we get an official line of communications open to the governing groups let’s all keep an eye on News & Announcements for something official.

All the best,

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Hey Zack! Good to hear from you!

I’m going to be helping teach a Ocean Tech course for undergrads here in the school of Oceanography. Previous iterations of the class have been working on building custom sensors that they create and deploy in Puget Sound. They then collect data on said sensors and give presentations at the end of the class (sometimes even leading to papers). It would be really cool to have the students leverage a Spotter + Bristlemouth to deploy sensors and not have to worry about things like power, telemetry, etc. I was also thinking about hosting a hackathon down the road once we’ve gone through this process a few times!

Let me know what you think! Tell everyone I say hi!

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That sounds amazing. Let’s see if we can collab!

Ah!!! Hi @fiestapinguino !


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