Hello, from an IoT enthusiast!

Hello Bristlemouth community! I was at a recent meetup hosted at Sofar Ocean and @zachary presented on Bristlemouth. He encouraged anyone interested to join the community and say hi. So here I am :slight_smile:

My name is Jonathan Beri and I have been in the IoT world for some time. I have a curious mixed of interest in hardware, firmware, protocols, software, human computer interaction - and using them all to make machines smarter and help our planet in the process. I’m also the founder of the IoT platform Golioth.

I’m eager to learn the best ways I can engage and contribute in the future but for now I’m starting in learning mode.


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Hello @jberi_golioth , and welcome!

I just took a look at Golioth and it seems to be addressing the issues a lot of people need streamlined. Nice work! I’m still beginner level with a lot of IoT software development, but I’m hoping to learn more about that stuff. I’ve helped with the (hardware) development for Bristlemouth, so if there’s anything you’d like to know about it let me know. By now you’ve probably already discovered the Bristlemouth documentation page, which should also be a good resources for getting familiar with how it works.

I’m mostly excited about designing exploration tools. I co-founded OpenROV back in the day and since nearly the beginning of that time, I’ve realized that being able to interface devices (especially marine equipment) in a modular way is the key to accelerating development, and therefore exploration. I have ideas for underwater vehicle systems I’d love to build as Bristlemouth modules, but I’m still at noob level when it comes to writing embedded software so it would be great to know people comfortable with that stuff.

I’d love to learn more about what sorts of things interest you in terms of development. Perhaps you’d be interested in helping to develop some underwater exploration tools?

Glad to see you on the Forums!


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Hey there! Welcome to the Forum!

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