Integrating I2C Sensors

Hi all,

I’m working with @cshill at the University of Minnesota Duluth on integrating multiple i2c water quality sensors with the bristlemouth. I was wondering if there is anything developed for i2c (similar to the payload_uart files), or if anyone has had success doing anything of the like.


Hi Henry! Welcome to the community!

Yes, there are plenty of examples of i2c! The devkit_monitor app uses i2c to collect power monitor, humidity and temperature data from the devkit’s on board sensors. These sensors and several others are using the AbstractI2C class defined in abstract_i2c.h. The drivers for these sensors, located in bm_protocol/src/lib/drivers/, have good examples on how to use the AbstractI2C class. A couple good examples are the ina232 driver (the power monitor) and the TCA9546A driver (an I2C mux).


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