Just Released: Integrating an RS232 Serial Sensor with the BM Dev Kit

The Bristlemouth documentarians (@evan and @timjoh) has released our first true example integration using the Dev Kit.

Bristlemouth Dev Kit Guide: Integrating an RS232 Serial Sensor

This could be called “Getting Started Guide 6” as it combines everything in Getting Started Guides (1-5) for the Dev Kit.

This new guide provides a framework to go from an off-the-shelf serial sensor to a true Bristlemouth enabled device. This is really cool because a lot of marine sensors have a simple serial output, often RS232. The guide can serve as a starting point to get to a working prototype that can collect data with a novel sensor.

If you end up giving it a go, let us know how it went and please share the results!

What are some of the sensors you want to see examples of next?

Special thanks to @VernaMize, @Gilles, Jason, Jim, and everyone else who gave feedback on this guide so far.



Awesome thank you Team!

We have a lab full of instruments waiting to be integrated! We’re considering integrating one of the new AnB pH sensors AnB Sensors and some sort of reference probe, perhaps a Sea-Bird Scientific SeaFET.

Anyone else interested in this kind of thing?


Hey @AndreH , great to hear about your plans for an AnB pH sensors. We just started selling these and will likely have clients interested in pH measurements as part of a multi-sensor array. Curious to hear how the integration goes. We are working on integrating our RS232 echosounder first and will share our journey along the way.

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