Long Delay in Spotter Data Transmission

Hi all, relaying a problem and solutions we encountered this week during our prototype test:

Problem: After running some tests, turning off and charging the spotter buoy, we noticed after reconnecting that the data from the spotter itself seems to have a notable delay, with data from turning it on this morning still not showing up after an hour and change. Connecting to the spotter via console (USB serial) shows that it’s reporting successfully sending messages over cellular after enough get queued up. What is the expected time for data transmitted by cellular to show up in the portal?

Solution: " The Spotter reboots whenever USB is connected. Spotter must complete one full wave sampling cycle before it will transmit any data, and that sampling cycle takes (by default) 1 hour. Spotter also needs GPS coverage to perform wave sampling, and this is not available indoors. A variety of complications arise from using Spotter indoors, you can learn more about this in [section four of the Dev Kit Guide 5]

Our typical Spotter troubleshooting instructions are as follows:

  1. Insert a blank (FAT32-formatted) SD card in the Spotter (the card shipped with a new Spotter is fine)
  2. Turn Spotter on (in RUN mode)
  3. Leave it outside for 2-3 hours (with an unobstructed view of as much of the horizon as possible). Do not manipulate the Spotter during this time period.
  4. Turn it off
  5. Create a ZIP file of the files on the SD card, and send that ZIP file to us"

Thanks @zack_j for the quick fix!

ASL team

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