Spotter Trouble

We have spotter (SPOT-31470C) :
System: Red
Go: Flashing Green
Signal: Red
We have tested SD card that works on another spotter. System remains red. Manual says to contact SoFar. What are your recommendations?

This system belongs to Blue Endeavors and is destined for Palau. We currently have it at The Athenian School in Danville CA.


Hi Bruce —

We have put together a guide detailing what might be causing a red System LED. Please have a look.

If you do not have cellular reception, it is possible that your cellular modem is full. You can reset the cellular modem by connecting to the Spotter’s serial console over USB and issuing the following command:

note restore

It also looks like SPOT-31470C has not been registered yet. Please use the supplied activation code to register the system to an account at This could help us further diagnose.


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HIi Tim,

Then note restor code worked for acquiring the cell signal. You indicated that there was a supplied activation code. I do not know whre to find this. I sent a request to the “contact us” site but have not heard back. Is there another way to aquire the aciviation code? The guide didn’t offer any useful solutions.


Hi Bruce,

I am checking into the activation code for you. In the meantime, you could email

I also notice that SPOT-31470C is reporting an error initializing its barometer. Is there a chance that someone has disconnected the barometer from the electronics box, and/or not reattached it properly?

Hi Tim,

Thanks! SPOT-31470C is now registered.

The spotter is out of the buoy housing and this cable is not connected. I am currently useing a short demo dev kit cable to link spotter to mote. Our other spotter seems to work fine without this. Any other ideas?


Make sure that both the units are registered. This will allow you to use the API to retrieve the data in the guides and for your custom code. I believe has been in contact with you to give you the codes (let us know if not).

Regarding the system LED, it will always be red if the barometer is not connected but this won’t prevent you from continuing to use the guides / develop using the eboxes. The only difference is that obviously you wont be able to access the barometer data. It should still work okay though.



Tim at cust svs helped me register both spotters. Both spotters are now registered.

I noticed that all spotters are System: green out of the buoy excpt -31470C. Is the barometer in the spotter housing or some other location accessed when the cable is attachd?

On step two after indetrifying the port other commands (bm topo and bm ping) are not recognized. do you have suggetion for at work-around?


When the cable is attached it leads to the barometer which is behind one of the solar panels.

If you are connected to the cable and still getting this error code (I think we shared how to look this up) there may be an issue with the barometer that needs to be addressed. Because you guys are on a short timeline I might recommend continuing to develop and dealing with the barometer later (it would require a factory return and replacement/repair).


This Spotter is still showing a barometer init failure. Please check that the cable I pictured in a previous reply is firmly attached. The system LED will remain red for as long as this barometer cable is unattached.

Regarding bm topo and bm ping are you sending this to the devkit mote or to the Spotter?

Ok. I am attaching the buoy now. And… yes! All are green now.