Need replacement part to order SWD adapter

Following this guide but they don’t have enough of D1.

What part is recommended as an alternate?

Good question.

The original part:

Shows that there is an alternate:ürth-elektronik/150060VS75000/4489904

Maybe that will work?

@gherlein let me know if this ends up working for you or not.


No joy. That part is not in inventory either. Wow, looks like a large shortfall of green LEDs!

@gherlein maybe we can pick a different color…

I suggest Bristlemouth orange.

I’ve run a quick Digi-Key search on components that have the same electrical and physical specficiations:

0603 size
2V forward

Seems like there’s a lot of available options. My recommendation would be go with one of these generic parts if you can.

If that search doesn’t save you can replicate it.

There are some orange ones!