Real-time echosounder data transmission and analytics

ASL Environmental Sciences is working on integrating our newest prototype of the Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler onto Bristlemouth for real-time data transmission.

We’re using a single frequency (200 kHz) transducer, small electronics and battery pack to reduce size and weight constraints. This enables application on small coastal moorings and buoys such as the Spotters, but also allows for easier integration to other platforms, such as profiling floats, USVs or gliders.

As part of our firmware overhaul, we’re developing a condensing protocol so that resampled echograms can be handed over to Bristlemouth controller and sent to SOFAR.

Application Dev
We’re developing an app for the Bristlemouth controller that facilitates data transfer via RS-422. We’re exploring enabling bi-directional comms so that the AZFP can be operated in polling mode. Ideally, we’d be able to power on the AZFP via a start command and send along condensing parameters.

Web-interface / Analytics
We’d like to see our data displayed in real or near real-time on a user friendly web interface. For this purpose of proof-of-concept, we’ll be working with Aqualink to develop a new protocol for hosting our data type, where we’d like display echogram images in jpeg format, or possibly develop a plotting interface that displays real-time analytics, such as min,max,mean stats, or even Echometrics.

We’ve been at it for a few weeks now and making solid progress. Follow along for more updates!

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ASL team