Welcoming @aslenv as a new member of the Bristlemouth Pioneer Program

Please join us in congratulating @aslenv of ASL Environmental Sciences! We look forward to learning more about your project.

Greetings Bristlemouth community!

ASL Environmental Sciences is thrilled to be welcomed to the pioneer program! We are a small Canadian-based company which produces scientific echosounders and offers analytical services in underwater acoustics, remote sensing and oceanography.

We plan to integrate our newest prototype, a miniaturized version of our Acoustic Zooplankton & Fish Profiler (AZFP), with the spotter buoy and smart mooring using Bristlemouth connectivity.

Our end goal is provide a real-time data stream of acoustic backscatter from individual and arrayed deployments in marine environments. Backscatter measurements can be customized by frequencies, but for now we’ll start with a 200 kHz, single beam transducer. This should be suitable for relatively close range detection (0-100 m) of underwater scatterers, including fish, plankton, physical boundaries and anomalies.

We’re looking forward to engaging with this community and happy to chat acoustic applications for these smart buoys and moorings. Got an :bulb:? Get in touch with us here or at asl@aslenv.com.

Happy Holidays from the ASL team on Vancouver Island, British Columbia!

Welcome to the Pioneer Program! Happy holidays as well.

Looking forward to hearing more about this project and seeing where it goes.


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super pumped to see this!

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