Welcoming @dnarvaez as a new member of the Bristlemouth Pioneer Progam

Please join us in congratulating @dnarvaez of Universidad de Concepcion in Chile! We look forward to learning more about your project.

Greeting bristlemouth community!

We are a group of oceanographers and engineers interested in using this pioneer program to include hydrophones into the smart buoy system to enable passive acoustic monitoring of the ocean environment for studies related to marine soundscape ecology, cetacean (and other vocal species) distribution and ecology, and anthropogenic noise.

Real-time transmission of acoustic detections and baleen whales from the smart buoy have the potential to enable a cost-effective acoustic alert system to reduce the risk of collisions between ships and whales, which is currently one of the top two causes of non-natural death of large whales globally. Similar detection systems are already implemented in oceanographic buoys, however the deployment and maintenance of mid-large size buoys are cumbersome, expensive and most of the time sea conditions do not allow proper work to perform maintenance. The design and interoperability of the Bristlemouth standard together with the SOFAR buoy could provide a solid platform for the implementation of our proposed whale detection system.

Looking forward to this challenge !

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Welcome! Acoustics is going to be a large area of pursuit here in the Pioneer Program and on Bristlemouth at large. Iā€™m looking forward to seeing the different approaches and finding out how folks can work together to save engineering time, move faster, and get a lot more systems out there.