Spotter Signal Issues

Hi Tim and Zack,

Our students have accomplished linking novel sensors (turbidity, dissolved solids, temp) probes: Arduino → Mote → Spotter

We are not receiving signal online. Below are the issues we are seeing.

Node ID is incorrect or not online.
Error message: Update finished: 16854e666d86939d success: 0 err:6

We double checked the node ID and increased the timeout argument to 1000000 with no success.

GpsErrorState changed from OK to NO_SIGNAL
GpsErrorState changed from NO_SIGNAL to OK

Max CNO changed from 38 to 41
Max CNO changed from 41 to 38

bm ping gives ID and 32 data bytes and no more.

Help Please!

Uisng SPOT-31433C

Hey Bruce, happy to help.

Can you describe which operation or command you are attempting?

I’m not sure I fully understand "We are not receiving signal online. "