Standards make the world!

Hey everyone I hope you are having a great week. I’ve heard that December is the Friday of the year…for us that’s been a really busy Friday!

Community member and spiritual standard guru @davidtlang has spent a really long time (it was more than a summer) researching standards. His deep dive cemented that standards do indeed make the world.

I found this piece to be both inspiring and encouraging. It was inspiring to me because it’s really true how impactful some of these developments can be from the obvious to the subtle. The encouraging part was that a lot of these things started very humbly, by a small group of passionate people just like I find here on the Bristlemouth forum.

Please take a minute to read and share.

If you want to hear @davidtlang in his own words, he was kind enough to come and keynote for us at BristleCon this year.

And on that note, happy holidays!



Thanks Zack! Happy to discuss any parts of the essay here on the forum , too.