Welcoming @PaulClerkin as a new member of the Bristlemouth Pioneer Program

Please join us in congratulating @PaulClerkin of Virginia Institute of Marine Science! We look forward to learning more about your project.

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Hello Bristlemouth community! I am very excited to be here and to be involved. I am a marine biologist with a background in shark taxonomy who is studying sharks using eDNA. eDNA is an exciting new technology which shows promise as an effect and affordable way to study marine species, but it is very much still developing. We know very little about how long eDNA stays in a marine system and how currents, UV, temperature, etc. effect eDNA removal and degradation. My goal is to set up eDNA stations that will record these parameters to help us understand how environmental conditions influence eDNA detection. I am a student at VIMS (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) and have access to physical surveys to which I can ground truth my eDNA detections.

I am so excited to be part of the community and I look forward to some fruitful conversations. I am teaching myself C++ basics, but I am very much still a fledgling. Anything advice, assistance, or collaborations would be greatly appreciated.


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