Welcoming @somospelagos as a new member of the Bristlemouth Pioneer Program

Please join us in congratulating @somospelagos of Colectivo Internacional Pelagos Okeano / Universidad Nacional! We look forward to learning more about your project.

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Greetings, everyone! We are thrilled to be a part of this program. Two years ago we started our project “Red de Tecnologías para el Océano”, a marine technology project in Costa Rica to estabish the first national network on long term ocean observations. We are still in the process of getting the equipment in our hands to start working integrating an acoustic receiver and a oxygen HOBO device, we are also exploring the idea of integrating with an ADCP.

Excited to start this journey and connect with many of you. Also, if any member of the community is interested in testing equipment in Costa Rica, please get in touch with us.

Pura vida!


Welcome Sergio!

We are so excited to follow along your project working with acoustic receivers and ADCPs!