Crazy talk: a phone system for whales?

My humble efforts plan for Spotter-based listening posts to record whale song… but it’s not too science fictiony to imagine using them to talk back to whales. My “project launch” blog post:


Pedro V Marcel an author who has a lifetime achievement award in Marine Engineering and AI was on our Angel Sharks XPRIZE Carbon team before his death in October 2023, He was writing a book on Natural Language Understanding (NLU) but it was never published before he died he was convinced improvements in AI could solve the translation problem between Marine Mammals and Man. I helped him edit his book so will ask permission from his sons to share it privately. Allan Grovesnor at a company I advise for will be at CES in Las Vegas as well and his company has the AI time on Frontier HPC at Oak Ridge Computer Leadership to perhaps help.

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Thanks for the post! Interested to hear about hydrophone integration and what you find in the recordings

@gherlein I really enjoyed your blog post - thanks for taking the time to lay out your project in detail! I’m excited to follow along.

Nice blog, keep recording so someday we have enough data for AI to use. here project called CETI

UPDATE: I have my DevKit, but it had to ship to California and I’m in Mexico. I’ll be arranging to get it here shortly and I can get going!

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