Tutorial support question - Silence data streaming?

Hopefully this has a very quick answer. I’m running through tutorials on the dev kit and I haven’t found a command to silence the sensor data streaming from the default software. It’s a bit hard to see the output related to my commands in the data stream. Is there a command for that?
Thx, Jon

Great question @BlueJon — this rate is controlled by the sensorsPollIntervalMs config in the sys partition. Here’s where the value is read from the SPI flash chip in BMDK app_main.cpp:

I usually set it to once a minute. You can do this in the USB serial terminal to your dev kit with the following two commands:

cfg sys set sensorsPollIntervalMs u 60000
cfg sys save

Hope that helps!


Additionally, if you really do want to completely silence the sensor sampling, you can set the sensorsPollIntervalMs to zero. I’d recommend keeping it enabled with some very long time instead, but the capability to turn it off is there. :smile:

That config gets passed into the sensor sampler. You can look over the sensor sampler code and see how setting it to zero will cause no samples to be taken. Search for config in that file which is how a couple related variables get passed in.