Bristlemouth in Trinidad and Tobago

Good day Team,

We are working towards deploying the Bristlemouth Smart Buoy & mooring at Nelson Island in Trinidad and hoping to launch another system in Tobago to get baseline oceanographic data to measure the performance of our experiments towards improving the marine life in the areas we deploy our H.A.L.O.S reefs.

Please take a look at our video at the link below, as we continue our journey with Bristlemouth.

Bristlemouth technology introduction in Trinidad and Tobago

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Can’t wait to hear more about this! Thanks for posting.


Cool project! Look forward to hearing more about your progress.

Hi Team,

A brief update on our progress to date:

We are awaiting survey sheets to conduct our baseline surveys using divers at Nelson Island
We are currently looking at subsea videos camera infrastruture for live streaming
We are in the process of designing a fit for purpose anchoring system given the subsea conditions at Nelson Island

Awesome! Thanks for the update.

There are some resources for moorings for Smart Mooring here:

Hi @zack_j ,

Thank you for the information. Will post pictures of our anchoring system.