Esim and Embed sims

Can I use an Esim or embed sim in the devices

Hey there @avoor , can you be more specific about where you’d like to use this device and how?

I can say that the Sofar Spotter has a built-in (can’t add your own) global eSim. It doesn’t work in all the countries of the world.

If you have a specific question about connectivity it may be best to reach out to to get clarity on specific regions or countries.

If you were asking about using cellular modems with Bristlemouth, note that the dev kit does not have a SIM slot nor a cellular modem.

I hope this helps clarify.


Hi Zack,

Sean, Avoor, it has a built eSim that is great. So I just need a provider to supply data? and that is easy because we can do this part. What I would do is get more information to provide you that the conversation would not only go forward but precise.


You don’t need a provider, the global eSIM will connect and begin transmission of data if the provider is an approved partner in your region. I can help you find out which partners are approved but will need to know more specifics about your installation location to do that.