Hello from Synchro!

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to be here and excited about the momentum that BM is building around hardware networking. This is a very needed improvement to ocean technology.

I’m not a computer scientist or an electrical engineer. I’m a marine ecologist turned oceanographic systems engineer (i.e. jack-of-all-trades). So modularity has been core to my success in past integration projects.

Now I work for a new program called Synchro (housed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and closely partnered with Stanford) and our mission is to support the development and adoption of new technology in the ocean observing industry, in particular low-cost technology. Check out: www.oceansynchro.io

As part of this project I get to build a custom oceanographic mooring to be deployed in Monterey Bay this coming spring! The purpose of the mooring is to serve as a testing platform for prototype sensors & technology. Any oceanographic hardware developer can apply for this service and its FREE. So I’m making it versatile enough to accept analog, RS-232, SDI-12, Ethernet connections and I’m angling for Bristlemouth connectors too! I’ve selected an RPi 3b board as my central controller, which should be arriving at my desk any minute. I’m considering ‘journaling’ the entire build in a fun/assessable manner on my IG>@adelaarzy

I’m excited about some rich conversations with the BM team and you’ll def see me at BristleCon! Evan Shapiro if you’re seeing this I wanna set up a call with you to discuss.

Jason Adelaars
Technical Manager (Synchro/MBARI)

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Wow this is really cool! We’d love to talk more about this and how we can work together!

Would you mind sending me a DM/PM with your email and I’ll set up a meeting time!


This is really awesome. Synchro is definitely something I am interested in. I just put in an application to join the network. Would love to learn more about how to work with Synchro to do early design reviews and test planning.

I think the schedule is still not published but I heard a rumor that @tsunami_papi might be giving a breif talk at BristleCon next week. @noah I don’t know if you are able to make it but I also believe there will be a recording available afterwards.



Synchro looks like an awesome initiative, would love to follow your ‘journaling’ journey!

Hi @tsunami_papi - It was great to connect at BristleCon, and I’m looking forward to the future collaboration!

A quick link for anyone who wants to see an overview of the Synchro project.

This could be a really great opportunity for folks in the Pioneer Program to to partner up with some experts for field testing and evaluation.