Synchro looking for low-cost ocean technology

Seasons Greetings Pioneers!

I hope your year is coming to a smooth end and you’re happy with where you’re at. I know I’m still carrying momentum from last month’s BristleCon.

One of my tasks for next year is to help play match-maker between low-cost ocean technology and ocean information gatherers (how cool is that?). Synchro’s mission is to support emerging technology to broaden & deepen our understanding of the ocean. So! I’m on the hunt for tech! Open now until the end of January, we’re looking to get as much information about different types of low-cost technology as we can. Because in the Spring we’ve got funds to buy quantities of selected low-cost tech and we’re planning to deliver those units to the organizations who want to use them (e.g. local, state, federal government, NGO’s, academic institutions, industry, indigenous tribes etc.). Our goal here is to stimulate manufacturing of emerging ocean tech.

I encourage you to respond to this information request if you’re working on an ocean data collection tool that could be priced such that it wouldn’t make a Treasurer at your local non-profit or indigenous tribe weep. Big bonus points if your tech is easy-to-use and low-maintenance. We’re looking for any and all tools which can support ocean data collection.

Please check out our site for more information:

Warm wishes,
Jason Adelaars